Arn's Cove

Population: 1,240 (90% human, 3% halfling, 2% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% half-elf, 1% gnome, 1% half-orc)
Predominant Alignment: Neutral Good

Arn’s Cove is a simple, relatively peaceful town with all the color and common oddities one expects from a tightly-knit community. Wood buildings and cluttered docks line the town’s natural harbor, while farms and the manors of wealthy citizens dot the surrounding countryside. The area surrounding the town is somewhat safer than the rest of Impiltur, being a little isolated on the northeast peninsula. During the day, fishing, farming, lumbering, glassmaking, and shipbuilding occupy most of the townsfolk, who commonly retire to their homes by way of the many taverns in Arn’s Cove. A playhouse and would-be museum make unusual attractions in such a small community, but the true landmark of Arn’s Cove is the Old Light, a lighthouse of ancient origins that lies in ruins.

Though relatively safer than much of Impiltur, Arn’s Cove has had its share of troubles. The fading scars of a recent terror still linger, a time most folk refer to as the Late Unpleasantness. Just over five years ago, a demon stalked the streets of Arn’s Cove, killing dozens over a month-long period before finally being killed by Belor Hemlock, the town’s sheriff. Adding to the pain, less than a month later the local chapel of Chauntea burned to the ground in a conflagration that nearly consumed the town’s northern half and left the local priest dead. Emerging from the shadow of these events, Arn’s Cove has healed and rebuilt, with many townsfolk viewing the coming dedication of a new church as a symbolic end to the healing and a return to normalcy.

Locations in Arn’s Cove

  • Arn’s Cove Theater
  • Rusty Dragon Inn
  • Glassworks
  • Hagfish Tavern
  • General Store
  • Town Brothel
  • The White Deer Inn (formerly The Black Deer Inn)
  • Museum
  • The Old Light
  • The New Cathedral
  • The Old Temple

Key NPCs:


  • Sheriff Hemlock shares a long-running, “secret” romance with Lady Kaye, madam of the town brothel.
  • The White Deer Inn used to be the Black Deer Inn, but was tastefully renamed after the fire.
  • Ask Ven Vinder at the general store to see the “wine cellar” and he’ll sell you a jug of disgusting but potent orc rotgut.
  • Farmer Grump claims that some sort of horselike demon with bat wings once flew off with one of his prized sows.
  • Old Ilsoari at the museum sometimes wanders the beach at night, looking for treasures.
  • Don’t go down to the junktoss after dark: goblins steal the trash at night.
  • Solsta Vinder claims the Sczarni stole her sheets last week and two cooling pies a week before that.
  • The new cathedral is magically protected from catching fire.
  • Murdermaw, a giant red snapper big enough to bite a boat in half, lurks in the Old Water.
  • The old sage (Brodert Quink) has a theory that the Old Lighthouse was a war machine capable of spewing fire for several miles—- but Quink is a quack. [TRUE]
  • It’s whispered that Aliver “Pillbug” Podiker of the Pillbug’s Pantry is secretly a poison merchant working for the Sczarni. [TRUE]
  • Nisk Tander fancies himself a more gifted alchemist than he really is. Use caution when buying anything from Bottled Solutions. [TRUE]
  • Not many people can afford to shop for books at the Curious Goblin with any frequency, but a nest egg gathered in his adventurous youth combined with a frugal lifestyle makes the success of Chask Haladan’s business secondary to his own satisfaction [TRUE]
  • It’s bad luck to see a winged devil. Any who do are cursed to suffer an ill fate. It’s said that a winged devil flies over the Cove in warning before tragedies, murders, and shipwrecks.
  • Larken Karros has a notoriously short temper, and many believe this is responsible for his estranged son and adventurer-turned-innkeeper daughter.
  • Mayor Kendra Deverin didn’t initially want the job, but after she was nominated for the role by her close friend Casp Avertin, she won the election by a landslide, something her primary opponent in the election, Titus Scarnetti, has never quite come to terms with.

Arn's Cove

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