Shrike Silvertalon

Shady halfling ex-sailor who is out for revenge and anything he can pick up along the way. Is usually halfway through a flagon of whatever passes for the local brew.


Upon entering the Hagfish tavern in Arn’s Cove, once you recover from having your senses assaulted by the cumulative odors of stale beer, vomit, dirt and perhaps a little blood, you might notice a small halfling taking up the corner booth in the back. He is quite small, about 3’8", and he looks like he might outweigh two empty pony kegs (which means he’s just over 60 pounds). He appears to be very well outfitted; an absurd number of small daggers are strapped to his chest with a pair of leather bandoliers, and a belt pouch (that looks a little light) hangs to his left. On the floor lies a full backpack, ready to be grabbed and hauled out the door at a moments notice, though if you ask Jargie, you’ll hear all about how the little one has brought his full compliment of gear down from his room every day, and every day returns to stay one more night.

The halfling has a slightly weathered complexion, and if you washed the stink of the tavern off you would probably notice the smell of the sea still clinging to him. His black hair is tied back away from his face with a strip of leather, and he is dressed in black cloth pants with a grey tunic, over which he wears an assortment of leather armor that protects his most vulnerable spots while allowing freedom of motion. His eyes are green, matching the small emerald eye of the silver bird pendant he wears around his neck. They look tired, or perhaps bored, and his entire demeanor announces to the world that he has nothing better to do but sit and drink, and wait for something to happen.


Shrike Silvertalon, son of Soren Silvertalon, was grew up in Lyrabar. His father was the co-owner of the Easting Coast Shipping Company, a very profitable mercantile outfit that is well known for it’s ability to procure “special goods” for it’s elite clientele. The company went through a bit of a hostile takeover when Soren’s business partner had his entire family assassinated. Shrike barely escaped with his life, and managed to stow away on a ship minutes before it weighed anchor and departed.

After being discovered by the crew and convincing the captain that he would be more valuable as a laborer than as fish bait, Shrike spent the next five years working on board the Dirty Saughin, learning everything there is to know about life at sea. He has helped the crew smuggle “hot” cargo, rescue crew members from bar fights, fend off pirates, and once or twice he has hired himself out to “obtain items of interest in a clandestine manner from their present owners”. Midway through Shrike’s 19th year, the captain of the ship decided it was time to retire from the seafaring business and sold his ship to an interested party in Arn’s Cove, leaving Shrike shorebound , alone and ready to face the world. (The captain of the ship could be an important character or not, or perhaps one of the crew took Shrike under his wing. Haven’t explored that area much yet.)

Shrike has been in town for about half a ten-day, taking refuge with a mug of ale in the Hagfish while trying to figure out what to do with his life next. He isn’t particularly interested in organized religion, but this cathedral thing seems to be a big deal, and he’s got nothing else to do, so he’s enjoying the festival before making his final decision on where to go next.

Shrike Silvertalon

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