Illithan Leliantides

Tall (for an elf) slender and quick to smile. Long grey hair, skin more tanned than a standard moon elf. Wears elaborately colored clothes. Carries a slender longsword at his hip.



From Evermeet, Illithan was born to a strong magical family and the son of one of the leading Evermeet Warlocks. From a young age, his life and soul were not his own. His father had traded his son to the lords of the feywild for more power. Illithan, knowing what had happened became a follower of one of the Elven deities, Erevan Ilesere, knowing that if anyone could trick the lords of the feywild out of his soul, it would be the god of trickery. Rebelling, Illithan left the relative safety of Evermeet and the feywild for the prime material plane. His penchant for magic, and his quick wit allowed him to survive the road to the Dales, and from there into Impiltur. Having traveled the way by foot, he managed to aquire many stories and skills that he hopes he can use to make a living there. Arriving just in time for the Highharvestide festival, he rented a room for a week and began to make contacts and perform as a tale-teller for the gathering masses in Arn’s Cove.

Illithan Leliantides

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