Idobe Mikal

Human Retribution Avenger of Torm


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Idobe Mikal is an imposing figure, for a human. He dwarfs most, standing head and shoulders above much of the race. He wears a polished steel breastplate over clean, ashen robes. A deep hood is drawn over his head, hiding his features from view. However, even in the darkness, his eyes seem to burn intently. His focused gaze is unflinching and unsettling. An ornate holy symbol hangs on a long chain around his neck. The symbol is recognizable as Torm’s, but rather than open (which is typical), the gauntlet is a closed fist, crushing a demonic looking claw in its grip. He wears gauntlets to match his breastplate with delicate and intricate engravings of the Penance of Duty. His blade is generally hidden in the folds of his robes, and any who give him reason to reveal it do not live to tell the tale. He smells of incense, holy oils, and freshly polished armor. He moves much more quietly than expected for such a large man.


Born in 1458 in the small costal town of Arn’s Cove, the life of Idobe Mikal was the life of a typical resident of the area. His parents owned a small shop where he would work during his free time. He studied at the Temple and enjoyed fishing.

All of that changed during the Late Unpleasantness in 1475, the Year of the Final Stand. Even when pressed, he refuses to speak of what exactly happened that day. All one can tell is that it altered the path of his life forever. His parents were killed, their shop destroyed. The Temple, his place of study, was burned to the ground. The rampaging demon had destroyed his life.

Seeing nothing left for him in this place, he retreated to a secluded monastery devoted to an ancient sect of Torm devoted to avenging the death of Tyr at the hands of a demonic invasion of the Upper Realms.

Idobe is known by many members of the Arn’s Cove community, though none have seen him in nearly 5 years. Most remember him as a young boy, a quiet teen. Few would initially suspect the large man before them was once the young boy they knew.

Idobe has followed the development of the town by speaking with visitors passing through the monastery and following rumors whispered by traders. He has been assigned to oversee the dedication of the new Cathedral as his first major mission outside the monastery.

Idobe Mikal

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