The Rise of Tharos

Goblins Attack!

Events of Session 1

Highharvestide, 1480 DR
  • During the festival, a group of goblins attacked Arn’s Cove, spoiling the ceremony and making a mess of the town square. They were dispatched by a number of heroic bystanders who were later thanked by Father Zantus.
  • The heroes also managed to rescue Aldern Foxglove, who later put them up in the Rusty Dragon Inn, paid for their drinks for the night, and offered to take them all boar hunting.
  • An impromptu dagger throwing contest was held at the Rusty Dragon, and Shrike cleaned house, defeating all challengers.
  • Illithan shacked up with some broad.
  • Idobe and Draco went to the cathedral and got some info (whatever it was, Ron & Steven, post this whenever)
1 Marpenoth, 1480 DR
  • Illithan was hit on by the general store owner’s daughter, Shayliss Vinder, and managed to talk his way out of the basement after being discovered with the scantly clad teen.
  • A number of rumors were discovered.


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