The Rise of Tharos

Events of Session 2

  • Went carousing around town.
    – Karver & Shrike did a lot of drinking and made some contacts in the seedier areas of town.
    – Idobe & Ilithien went to see The Harpy’s Curse, a play at the local theatre.
  • Went on a boar hunt with Aldern Foxglove
    – Aldern bought us all mounts. Everyone got boring horses except for Shrike, who is now the proud owner of a war dog.
  • Investigated a report of a goblin who snuck out of a kids closet and tried to gnaw off his arm. The goblin killed the boy’s father during our investigation, and Shrike skillfully dispatched the cannibalistic fiend with the flash of a dagger.
  • Met the Sheriff Hemlock and a local goblin expert.


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