The Rise of Tharos

At the start of the campaign...

The campaign begins on Highharvestide, the annual holiday that separates the month of Eleint (‘The Fading’) from the month of Marpenoth (‘Leaffall’). During Highharvestide, the autumn harvest is marked by feasting and thanks. Many folk travel in the wake of this festival before the worst of winter’s bite makes the roads and waterways impassable.

Your characters are in attendance, for whatever reason, at the Highharvestide festival in Arn’s Cove. You must come up with a reason why your character has come to the festival. The fire five years ago destroyed the previous temple, and finally construction on the new cathedral is finally complete. All that remains is for the Highharvestide festival to renew the site’s blessings from the gods, and it will be as if the fire had never occurred. The new cathedral is an interesting site of worship – though dedicated to Chauntea, it contains shrines to Ilmater, Torm, Amaunator, and Selune.


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